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Amsterdam Kuyper Seminar

  • Start date 01/08/2013
  • Location VU University Amsterdam
  • Title Economics, Christianity & The Crisis: Towards a New Architectonic Critique
  • Unit Faculty of Philosophy
  • Category Theology and Philosophy
  • Event type Conference / Symposium

Amsterdam Kuyper Seminar: Economics, Christianity and CrisisThe 2008 credit crisis is not only a crisis in economics, but also a crisis in the basic concepts and assumptions that underlie our thinking about economics, economics as a science. Critical analyses are called for of both economic practices and economic theory. New concepts and paradigms are needed. 

The first Kuyper Seminar Amsterdam aims at exploring what resources the Christian tradition has to offer for developing a sustainable and just economy of the future. 

As a starting point for the workshop we take Kuyper’s famous lecture on the social problem (1891). As Kuyper found himself called to give a timely response to his situation, launching an ‘architectonic critique’, Christians today are called to give their response to the present situation. What would a Christian response to the present crisis in economics look like? The Seminar is a search for new answers to new problems. 

We would like to invite papers, esp. from young scholars and from people who are engaged in the economic sector, on the following subthemes:

  • General analysis of the credit crisis in terms of Christian ethics and/or a Christian worldview.
  • General analysis of foundational issues in economic science from a Christian perspective: what is economics all about?
  • Specific analysis of certain key developments in recent years, e.g. banking crisis, business ethics, the role of externalities in economic action and economic theory.

Proposals (approximately 500 words) should be sent to g.j.buijs@vu.nl by Oktober 15th 2012. You will be notified of acceptance before November 1st.

The conference will be in English.

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Read more about the seminar in the full 1st Amsterdam Kuyper Seminar announcement.

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